Monday, June 6, 2011

Dino Mite Girl

Well I'm back with some dino mite updates!! I had my first 3 days as part of the dino mite crew and it was so incredibly fun. Essentially we act as party motivators (I compare it to bat mitzvah dancers on crack because it's disney... although no one has even heard of a bat mitzvah here because I'm the only jew in walt disney world...) but it's a ton of fun. There are 2 girls a day and we're on set for 30 minutes at a time. It definitely gets insanely hot jumping around for 30 minutes, but it's so so nice to not have any "friends" a couple days of the week in the summer sun. Pictured below is our lovely DJ dino mite truck and some of the crowds dancing with the dino mite girls!

Last night I was hanging out with Pooh Bear in crystal palace and Pooh was asked to take part in a proposal!! I was supposed to be his friend when this happened, but unfortunately he missed it by about 3 minutes... Pooh Bear was so excited because he was asked specifically to be standing right there when he popped the question, but he got cold feet and unfortunately pooh bear had to have a 'smackeral' of honey before he asked her to marry him.

Kristen and Lee Bollert came to visit this weekend!! It was fabulous to see them and be a guest for the weekend at disney! We started our morning eating at 1900 Park Fare in the grand floridian, and got to meet Alice and the Madhatter, Pooh and Tigger, and Mary Poppins! So proud of kristen that she almost gave the characters a hug... 21 years old and still a little frightened by them. We spent the morning after breakfast at animal kingdom, took a quick break for a shower then off to epcot to have dinner in France! The food and dessert were so yummy, "as was our waiter." The next day we spent in magic kingdom and got there early enough in the morning to see the welcome show where the characters open the park! It was so incredible to have a touch of home and see them, thanks for coming guys :-)

I GOT MY SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT WEEK AND I HAVE HOEDOWN TRAINING YAYYYY! The only catch is it's at 4:30am... this way we can practice in the park when there aren't guests there.. dear godddd so early.

I auditioned to be a face character for HongKong Disneyland today. Thank goodness for mom and dad's sake I wasn't pulled! it was definitely fun to pretend to be the different princesses at the audition though :-)

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