Monday, June 27, 2011


Well after two days of training to be a Page Fairy (the rehearsal kicked my butt), I'm officially approved to be in Disney's Electrical Parade! What this means is it will soon show up on my schedule, but until then I can try to pick shifts up so I can get started sooner. Because I was approved in Hoedown and DEP (Disney's Electrical Parade), I will most likely be scheduled 3:30pm-12:30am being scheduled in both. Photos to come asap!!

Page Fairies are the 4 fairies that begin the entire parade in front of Tinkerbell's float. A lot of pressure is held on us because the entire pace of the parade is in our hands! We wear bright colored unitards, elf like boots, a bright colored matching pixie cut wig, a cute hat, and of course are bedazzled in lights. We also hold a lantern which does wonders for the biceps in that 37 minute parade route haha (photo below is what the costume will look like)

The training was a ton of fun and I can't tell you how fabulous it was to be acting girly since all of my other "friends" are boys. The choreography is adorable and dainty and I had a huge smile plastered to my face that I was actually learning a parade! The second day of training was the approval day, where a staging manager comes to approve the girls to be scheduled DEP. He was extreeeeemely intimidating and pointed out what each one of us were doing wrong (at this point we had all been up since 5am and done about 4 parades around the parade building... we were very much so exhausted) We hammed up our faces and used every last bit of energy to be as perfect as possible for this man that was making me feel certain I wouldn't get approved. But sure enough the staging specialist reinforced how wonderful we all were doing and we all got approved :-) All the hard work paid off. I definitely didn't think the choreography would be that strenuous, but after 37 minutes of doing it, (for about 5 hours) it's definitely more challenging than I thought it would be.

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