Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 more days!

Welllll here it is!!

Ahhh there's just under a week left until I live in the happiest place in the world for 7 months. I'll start my blog with what I do know about this program... which believe me with all the secrets and surprises Disney has in store, they let most everything stay a surprise upon arrival. What I do know is I'm a Walt Disney World College Program Intern - character performer - PSPP (potential show and parade performer). I've dreamt of performing at Disney since I was 8 years old as Disney is my biggest passion. I feel so lucky to have had a life dream that is actually about to come true and  I cannot stop smiling about it :)

I auditioned on October 22, 2010 to work in Entertainment for Disney. After they taught us a short dance to a song from High School Musical 3, we had some time to practice and perform in front of the casting directors. We went in groups of 4, me and three other girls. After we did our audition, I was asked by the casting directors to stay until the end of the audition to learn a more technically advanced dance. This dance was to a techno version of me against the music (a little risque for disney). I heard back from the recruiters when they called on November 1, 2010. When that 407 area code came across my phone I was in the computer lab of memorial library and couldn't help but start crying from a hopeful acceptance. They had called to ask if I would accept their offer for the Spring Advantage program, which is through the summer rather than just work for the spring semester, through May! 

Acknowledging that this has been my dream for the past 12 years, and I've had my heart set on going since I knew how to use a computer, I gladly accepted my position as a Character performer! I'm not sure who I will be performing as, what I will be doing, or where I will be working, but I'll know everything as soon as I check in next Monday! Book your travel plans to come visit :-) Discounts on hotels, dining and admission... and let's face it, everyone wants an excuse to go to disney! 

Speak to you all when I arrive at the House of the Mouse! Love you all - Selikoff