Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Selikoff's visit!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while, it's definitely difficult to juggle work, visitors, sleeping (if i happen to get the chance to do so) and homework.. (zero time for that as well)

Well while I was gone my family came to visit! It was absolutely fabulous having them here as this is the place for families after all. We went to studios and epcot in one day, where my family dined at Garden Grill with Chip, Dale, Pluto and the boss man himself, Mickey Mouse. My family loved the all you can eat buffet but I'd have to say their favorite part of the meal was hanging out with Chip, for some reason they favored him over the other characters!

The second day we spent in the Magic Kingdom hitting everything we possibly could in one day. I figured since my family was here it was acceptable to be a tourist wearing mouse ears and a mickey shirt. Unfortunately there were record breaking temperatures for FL in early April of 92 degrees both days... a little too hot for theme parks, and that's speaking in terms of wearing street clothes. Can't even imagine having to had work that weekend... We ended the night at Tony's italian restaurant themed after Lady and the Tramp, and watched Wishes light up the sky. The fireworks are hands down my favorite part of disney :-)

Last week after all the awaited years, I went to Blizzard Beach water park! Best themed park in my opinion about how a freak snow storm hit central FL but of course the warm weather came back and turned all of the snow into the water park. As scared as I was, I gathered up the courage to slide down summit plummet, a 120 foot practically vertical slide with speeds up to 60mph on your back. (they should warn you about the potential wedgie). I wish I could tell you about it, but I was SO nervous and it all happened so fast that I barely remember doing it at all. Now that I got the first time and nerves out of the way I'll have to go back so I can actually enjoy it!

That's all for now until next week!