Sunday, June 19, 2011

starwars weekend blew my mind

Well for the final starwars weekend, I finally had the time to go check out the shenanigans. It was actually so so impressive and I had a ton of fun! I've only seen the first two movies and would say that I enjoyed them... but I'm by no means a starwars freak like many of the people I witnessed this weekend! I met darth maul and was actually very very intimidated. He had striking orange eyes, and was making creepy noises in my face. The fact that I was affected by his creepiness says something!! We then went to the "hyberspace hoopla" which was a dance party with all of the starwars characters. It was actually hilarious seeing "the good guys" dance off vs. "the bad guys" to the billboard hits.

My family came to visit again! This time just Dad, Jeff and Sammi came to Disney and we had such a great time in the sweltering heat. We spent the day at Islands of Adventure so Dad could experience the Harry Potter park and it definitely "pushed his limits" in ride intensity. He was still blown away though, as everyone is by the insanely advanced technology on that ride! The next day we park hopped in all of the parks, of course checked out starwars weekend, and ended the day with center view seats of Fantasmic! I was blown away that C3PO actually spoke to us, he was rather conversational actually. So so so cool. I actually happened to move apartments, to a different, bigger and cleaner apartment, so it was really beneficial and helpful to have my Dad there to help us move. Thanks dad :-) On Sunday, they came to the Animal Kingdom to see me perform as a Dino Mite Girl! Struggling to withstand the heat, they were all such troopers letting the DJ pick on them, as well as dance and jump around in the FL humidity! It was a ton of fun to be a party motivator to get my own family to join in! Next time they come to disney i'll be in the electrical parade and hoedown!!

I AM OFFICIALLY A WALT DISNEY WORLD DANCER! I got approved in "Hoedown Happening" after a 4:30am rehearsal in the park so we can practice formations without guests there. It's a  flashmob in frontierland in the magic kingdom that spontaneously happens unannounced during the day. I've literally never been up for the day that early in my entire life. It was not fun on my body to be working that hard at 5:30 in the morning. It was a really awesome experience to get to practice in the park as the sun was rising and the third shift cast members were working through the night. There was no water in splash mountain which was a really strange sight and made the plunge down the mountain look way less intense than it truly is. It was also so interesting to see numerous trucks and vans parked along the streets of frontierland getting the park ready for guests that morning. 

I'm actually home for the weekend for fathers day and it's incredible to have home cooked meals, my own comfy bed and my two puppies :-) I'll be back soon Mickey, and I have training for the electrical parade this friday! Here are some extra magical moments that were captured of my good friend Pooh bear :)

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