Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Music Enhancement training and MORE :-)

This past monday I had my first day and only training for "Summer Music Enhancement." Essentially, I'm 1 of the 10 girls that are being trained for this event. It's a DJ'd summer event in animal kingdom, specifically dinoland, USA. I'm a "Dino Mite Girl." Each day, 2 of the 10 girls act as "party motivators" to the crowds, and assisting to the DJ. I feel sooo lucky to be one of the ten girls, and I get to be me!!! (I don't have to be "friends" with people in the HOT summer humid weather)

Our training consisted of how the dance party will run, in addition to learning numerous line dances like the cha cha slide, electric slide, and of course since this is Disney we're talking about... Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown and the Ice Cream Freeze. Our DJ is set up on his adventure truck which we lead into Dinoland on route 498 (the road in dinoland... named after the opening month and year that animal kingdom was opened.. april 1998). We had our rehearsal backstage of the park in the 94 degree weather for 5 hours... chuggin my infamous wisconsin water bottle is an enormous understatement.

Our costumes are a lot better than expected actually!! No heinous short sleeve (actual length to your elbow..) button down, animal printed shirt like we had all anticipated. We're lucky enough to be wearing TANK TOPS! I repeat... TANK TOPS! Disney is allowing us to wear 3 inch spandex blue and red tank tops, high top white sneakers, and printed shorts. We can't forget our jungle hat! We are in animal kingdom after all! So I should be doing this two to three times a week for the entire summer!

I also received a veryyyy surprising phone call this morning. A woman called me who's in charge of training and rehearsals inquiring why I had requested off for June 24th and 25th. (I was originally going home to CT for the weekend) She was wondering because they are planning on training me in Disney's Electrical Parade!!!! as a dancer!!! with real choreography!! I was absolutely ecstatic as I've been waiting for this since January. And as excited as I was for the summer music enhancement Dino mite girl, I was still hoping for training in a show or parade. I'm going to be trained to be a "Page Fairy" which are the girls who begin the parade in front of tinkerbelle's float. In addition, the cast of the electrical parade also are in a show called "Hoedown." This is essentially a flash mob that takes place in Frontierland. Both actual dancer positions which im SOOOO excited about I cant even express it in words.

Just a constant smile thats all I can say! FINALLYYYYY! :-)

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  1. Wow Laur! This all sounds spectacular! How exciting that you will be in the Electrical Parade!! I can't think of anything better than
    living your dreams!! Sooo proud of you!1
    Miss you and love you,
    Aunt Rob