Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney Character Event - St Patty's Day Parade

Well I was finally in a parade!! (although it's not a true disney parade...) I was cast in a DCE - disney character event which could consist of special events such as weddings, celebrity visits or companies that request specific disney accommodations. I got a call from casting for this DCE for st patty's day as a parade performer in Hollywood Studios after hours. It's great to have the opportunity to do something a bit different too.

The thing about the Disney company is they tell you abbbsolutely nothing in advance (if you already hadn't noticed from the lack of parade knowledge I know). I arrived there clueless and surprisingly found my way  to the green room. We wore the most adorable green sparkly costumes in addition to a red wig, eyelashes, airbrush shamrock on my cheek, shamrock earrings, light up ring, knee high tights, green booty shorts and character heels. Not to mention my parents, Jamie and Josh didn't recognize who the girl picture below was!

They told us to line up for the parade route after hearing instructions to just walk and wave. It was so much fun to just smile and occasionally throw in the princess wave as US bank conference attendees snap pictures of the parade along the way. I'm still anxiously waiting real Disney Parades, I had my orientation but still no training on my schedule! :-(

In other news from the Selikoff house, Lexi had three more puppies!!! Two boys and a girl: Little J, Tigger and Minnie :-)

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